Harukawa-kun to Yuki-sensei no Fudanshi Jijo.

Vol: 1; Ch: 9
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Harukawa-kun to Yuki-sensei no Fudanshi Jijo.

Yuki-sensei is a popular BL manga author, but what the readers don't know is that Yuki-sensei is actually a guy named Fuyuki, a fudanshi. His assistant Harukawa has long liked Fuyuki's manga, but what are his feelings towards Fuyuki?

Source: MU

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ZoologyKaM Jan 16, 2018
Score 9/10

Finally a story where the Clearly-looks-like-a-Seme guy ends up as the Uke! I am really enjoying this story but I'm finding it dificult to locate chapters.  There's full on action, for those who like that (me!!!), and it's also a message of a good mutual and healthy relationship, which is often hard to find in yaois. Giving the story a 10 for just this fact. read more


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