Hardcore Leveling Warrior - Part 2

Ch: 134
2019 - 2022
4.152 out of 5 from 497 votes
Rank #1,299
Hardcore Leveling Warrior - Part 2

Second season of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

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I have Finaly finished it :3 Whoa I can't believe it was started 2019, the author must've been really hard at work... have a rest mate, holy shit :O Sincere thanks to the author making this and persevering to this point ^^ Ahem... Have in mind it starts slow folks, but it is incredibly gratifying if you finsih it :) Probably the art is getting better later too, I can't recall the beginning any longer :D There are a few really distinct aspects of this piece, Charcters is one, Art is the other one and I do have to say I love the story. Let me elaborate on the art - don't be fooled if it looks simple, there are particular aspects of the art of certain characters, weapons and items that are so extremely well designed and realized I simply can't compare it to anything else. Heck, it's better than in most games even! It's an absolute delight. There is sucha variety of characters, some of which creepily unique, but still kind of awesome :) Imagine, this being the selling point here... flavor text on items and skills... sounds whacky right? The charcters - rather a diverse bunch, and seeing their backstory, development, struggles, goals - it has been a delight to be honest. The characterization and the particular detail for probably all characters has a really unique flavor that can only spur me to wholeheartedly recommend HCLW!!! Overall, do not make the mistake to compare this to the many game related works and isekais, it has it's own very distinct dynamics and flowmaking it absolutely worth it! At part 2 the story is complete enough to a point that it can be the end, but it can also not be the end! And here's the briliance, it's not like a dreaded cliffhanger, some of us came to painfully well know... if you pick this up... enjoy it... don't binge it ;) I am very happy I did pick it up and finished it :) So... good stuff all around! Characters, art, story, I bet you gonna like it... I had to sorry xD

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