Hard to Say I Love You

Alt title: Fukujuu to Amagami

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2019 - 2020
3.714 out of 5 from 304 votes
Rank #16,909
Hard to Say I Love You

Iruma, who has a constitution that allows him to transform into a wolf gets into an accident while in his wolf form and is saved by the veterinarian, Minato. He spends his days being relentlessly doted on by the animal lover Minato, but while he snaps angrily, “Don’t treat me like a dog!”, he obeys Minato’s naughty and teasing orders and is overcome by a sweet, tingling sensation of pleasure and arousal.... The warmth of family and the exciting pleasure of submission - this is the story of a lonely werewolf and his tsundere master-servant days.

Source: MU

Content Warning

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