Happy Sugar Life

Vol: 10; Ch: 48
2015 - 2019
3.778 out of 5 from 244 votes
Rank #7,717
Happy Sugar Life

Satou Matsuzaka doesn't seem to care about much, moving through boys and casting them aside like so used candy wrappers. All that changes, though, when she meets Shio. The little girl changes everything for Matsuzaka. Is this love...? If it is, then it's love through a very warped prism as the high schooler demonstrates there's no atrocity beyond her when it comes to protecting the object of her deranged affection.

Source: Yen Press

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Finished and written Jan 28, 2020 This is a very good piece of psychological horror in its purest form. Except it is absolutely not pure. Story: Basically there’s a pink haired hoe names Satou who has sex with any and everything trying to find love. She finds it in a 10 yr old kid she seemingly kidnapped named Shio. The better parts of this anime are simply the ways Kagisora Tomiyaki plays with the true meaning of love, which in this anime is represented by a candy jar(more full, more love; less full less love). Satou doesn’t understand love and in her quest too find it slowly loses all her other regular human inhibitions like remorse or sadness, and starts to become obsessive and bitter. I’m not gonna go in 2 deep at risk of spoilers bu t u get it if u read it. One slightly off putting part is the high amount of insane characters. Not everyone should be off their damned rockers. And the ending is a stretch. Art: Great artwork by the mangaka, mixing cutesie with the dark and demented and, when necessary goes deep into detail to show how horrofyimg Satou can be.He does occasionally over use very dark shading for no reason and again not every character has to look like a psycho to be one. Regardless of the fact, it was fun to watch that candy jar break and watch the candy grow or disappear. Also the violence was fun too watch too. Characters I’ll start with the negatives. No character was truly normal. Now that sounds all cool, until it becomes a shitshow of crazy bastards looking to bang Shio or kill Satou or I don’t even know. The character motives were also jumbled. Now that shouldve killed the anime. However the strength of its primary characters boosted it. Satou and Shio’s dynamic was great to watch develop and even better to process. Normally anime kids are annoying but Shio was more than tolerable. In fact, she was great. Satou was the bomb yandere and instead of killing everything like you’re hallmark yandere Yuno Gasai and another even more violent one Lucy from Elfen Lied, she manipulated everything until it got to “that point”, where she gives as much remorse as Cookie Monster to a fucking cookie jar.  The other characters weren’t bad weren’t good but weren’t necessarily detrimental to the character score since they werent’ plain shit. A great psychological manga that will make you squirm, simply due to Satou’s insane antics.

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