Happy (Hwadam CHAE)

Ch: 32
2019 - 2020
3.341 out of 5 from 15 votes
Rank #32,159
Happy (Hwadam CHAE)

I believed I could become happy one day. I desperately tried, and I finally became happy. At least until I met him.

Source: Toomics

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Synopsis: Happy is an adult manhwa written by Hwadam Chae that focuses on a man and woman named Grayson and Rome who, after encountering each other for the first time, instantly form a connection, and become obsessed with figuring out the root of each others’ emotional pain. In doing so they hope to achieve what all aspire to have; happiness.  Review: I really didn’t think that I would enjoy this manhwa as much as I did. Storywise, it is one of the best adult dramas that I have ever read. It is poetic down to the tee. It shed a lot of insight into human nature. You would think that an adult manhwa would have a lackluster or average plot, but Happy exceeded all of my expectations. The story starts from Rome’s POV and slowly shifts over to Grayson’s. Each chapter got me more and more invested in the characters. My only criticism of the story is that I feel like it ended pretty abruptly. Maybe it is because I am just not used to this style of writing, but I think that Chae could’ve made the manhwa better by adding just a few more chapters to make the ending not feel as rushed. It did however leave me with a lot of questions, which might’ve been the whole point (if so, ignore this critique). Artwise, I thought Honk-tae Kim (the artist) did a good job; I liked the art style. I only had two complaints. First off, Rome and some of the other girls looked like they had a lot of lip injections. Maybe it’s supposed to shed light on the superficiality of their promiscuous lifestyles, but as someone who dislikes the idea of plastic surgery (for superficial reasons), it made my shlong a little softer (lol). My other complaint is that Rome and one or two of the other female characters looked so alike that at times I was confused as to who was who, making the plot a little less comprehensive. That’s all. To anyone out there who is remotely intrigued, I definitely recommend reading this manhwa.

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