Happy Harem Making with the Mightiest Orc!

Alt title: Shijou Saikyou Orc-san no Tanoshii Isekai Harem Zukuri

Vol: 6+; Ch: 64+
2019 - ?
3.985 out of 5 from 448 votes
Rank #9,701
Happy Harem Making with the Mightiest Orc!

Olc, the protagonist, was reincarnated into a half-orc child. Seeing her child bullied in the village, his mother encourages him to become strong. She says: “Olc, if you are weak, you’ll be a virgin for life. If you are strong, you’ll be able to XXXX beautiful women.” He denies his mother’s words. However, after being shocked by the cuteness of the young girls from other races in a tribe meeting, he is determined to gain power. And thus, the journey of lust begins!

Source: Comikey

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I'd say one of the better harem mangas out there. I don't know what people have with their "rapey stuff". The mc is simply true to his nature and tells girls that he would like to fuck them. He never ever does anything against their wills though and even calls people who would do such a thing scumbags. His goal is to have a harem full of happy wives and (if I read a bit into stuff he said early on - not just the "I want to impregnate beautiful girls part, which I found to be hilarious) have and raise children someday. The girls don't simply get along with each other and don't fall for the dude just because he's the mc. They know he's a weird pervert and put off at first and I'm looking forward to seeing this guy getting dumped for the first time for real. This feels more like something that would actually happen if some weird perv tried to build a harem in a fantasy world. At least it's more likely than 80% of harem genre titles out there where every girl falls for the mc at first sight and doesn't care about the fact that he wants to fuck every other female thing in the universe as well.  Above average harem. Average fantasy. World building is relatively nice for something I thought will be pretty bland and mediocre. I didn't find myself complaining about the art so that's a point as well. MC annoys me a bit but that's taste, I'd prefer him to keep his goals a bit to himself and not tell everyone, even in front of his girls, that he wants to "push them down" but only with consent (lol).  It's kind of hilarious so I had a few good laughs even though jokes were average at most as well.  This reminds me of a TLN I read. I forgot the exact wording but tl was talking about this being junk food. We consume it even though we know it's bad. This is slightly better junk food. 

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