Happily Ever Afterwards

Alt title: Ending Hu Seobeunameul Juwotda

Ch: 89
2020 - 2022
4.108 out of 5 from 1,414 votes
Rank #1,844
Happily Ever Afterwards

What would you do if you were reborn as a character from your favorite romance novel? For Peony, an avid fan of “The Song of Askar,” the answer is simple: Marry her favorite character, of course! Reincarnated as the princess of the Kingdom of Garten, Peony is determined to marry Richt, the second male lead of “The Song of Askar” and former prince of the Fairspren Empire, who was banished to an inhospitable land after the novel’s happy ending (which didn’t end so well for him). Amidst trials and tribulations, can Peony and Richt make the most of their second chance at life and love?

Source: Webtoon

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Beautiful art - especially the colours and texture. It's not an easy love story as it's quite realistic in the way the characters have serious flaws they need to overcome. They're both irritating at first, but at about chapter 16-ish I can see slow, but well-written, development. -------- UPDATE AT CHAPTER 39: The progression is getting better and both FL and ML are getting more endearing. I think the first 8 chapters made them annoying on purpose so we could see how both flawed characters become less flawed as the story progresses. The story seems to be well aware of both characters' flaws (FL's naivete and ML's brusqueness) and is giving them well-paced development. The FL has some self-respect, based on chapter 26, though she's still stupidly reckless--hopefully the story will continue to give her more development. I like that we see a lot of ML's thoughts too, as they're actually reasonable and give perspectives in their relationship. It's refreshing to see how a story doesn't start off with both characters as likeable characters. The risk is that early readers, like me, will be turned off and quickly judge it as one of those brainless, irritating stories. But the development is well-written, so I'll say the author had the intention of making both characters irritating before making them develop over time. Also, great comedy as the story goes on--especially them playing board games! Art is great. Really great. The outlines are simplistic, but the realistic colours and pastel-ish/crayon-ish texture of the colours are really good. The hands are to die for. The anatomy is the best that I have ever seen, really. The perspectives, the shading, etc show that the artist obviously has a flawless grasp of art. Even the seemingly simple faces are drawn in a way that the characters are attractive and so expressive. Especially the lovely eye colours. -------- OLD REVIEW: FL, at chapter 8, is annoying. She thinks of ML as her faaaavourite character. She stans him. She thinks she can make him happy, proposes marriage and knows that he can't really reject the political marriage because... politics. So she proposes to him, he politely declines, she kinda forces him into the marriage, he does his best to make her life hard in the castle so she can leave willingly, she misunderstands his attempts to drive her out as acts of goodness, and my patience runs thin with this girl and ML every chapter. First, if he says no, that means no. Respect him and yourself by stop clinging and begging him into the marriage. FL thinks of ML as her most bestest favourite character and she doesn't want to let go. She thinks she knows everything about him, thinks she knows that he'll surely crack when she gives him so many sweets and thinks that he's just a broken man who can be "fixed" by her love. Basically, she sees and treats him as a 2D character. She relentlessly tries to bake for him and tolerate his negligence of her. That's not persistence, that's just delusional naiveness. Second, ML can hate FL. But the negligence to the point of not giving her firewood in the freezing winter is a bit much. She's very annoying, but it doesn't mean she should freeze to death lol. I'm still reading because of the art and because although I find them irritating, FL and ML are cute sometimes. And I'm really hoping FL realises he's an actual human and stops fangirling over him as it's off-putting. Please, give her some character development.

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