Haou Airen

Vol: 9; Ch: 50
2002 - 2004
3.521 out of 5 from 793 votes
Rank #8,520
Haou Airen

Ever since Kurumi's father died four years ago, she's been left to take care of her ailing mother and two twin brothers by herself. However, one day Kurumi's life changes forever when she comes across a hurt man in an alley and nurses him back to health. His name is Hakuron, and he's the young leader of the Dragon Lord Association - a Hong Kong mafia organization. After stealing Kurumi away to Hong Kong, Hakuron is determined to make her his own; and after falling in love with Hakuron, regardless of his sins, Kurumi is happy to oblige. Her new life within the mafia won't be easy, as rival organizations, Hakuron's old playboy lifestyle, his fiancée and a brand new school situation threaten to stand in their way - not to mention, Hakuron's insistence on taking what's his, even Kurumi's body...

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daysie1234's avatar
daysie1234 Dec 25, 2011
Score 6/10

This manga threw me for a bit of a loop. I'm a romance fan, so I did finish this manga all in one day, but the plot was still missing something... Story: Kurumi, female lead, meets Hakuron, male lead, who's injured, takes him home and gives him first aid. He is so amazed at her kindess that he kidnaps her and brings her with him to Hong Kong, where he is none other than the head mafia boss of a major Hong... read more

SailorMoonRocks's avatar
SailorMoonRocks May 31, 2016
Score 4/10

Although I'm usually a big fan of Shinjo Mayu's work, Haou Airen really was not one that I could like, let alone enjoy. The characters fall in love way too quickly, especially Hakuron, who kidnaps Kurumi Akino in the first few chapters to come to Hong Kong. Disillusioned for pretty much the whole manga of the concept of love, Kurumi Akino constantly debates and questions both her love and his love for her... read more



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