Alt title: Demigod

One Shot
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Yucy and Yudy are two conjoined twins who have been together since birth. However, as the nutrients in their bodies distribute unevenly, Yucy is beautiful yet slow-minded while Yudy is intelligent and horrifically ugly. Yudy is torn between her love for her sister and her hate for having to care for Yucy; can the two continue to co-exist?

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harvestmoon07 Jun 20, 2016
Score 10/10

This was a great one shot about conjoined twins and their everyday struggles. While one sister is ugly but very intelligent, the other sister is beautiful and mentally challenged. The ugly sister is treated terribly because of her looks while the pretty sister is praised and called an angel because of her innocence of the world, which causes her to hate her sister. After a life changing surgery the ugly sister... read more

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tamirsalem Dec 7, 2010
Score 8/10

I found this manga here in Anime Planet in the random manga section, and it surprises me no one ever wrote a review for such a great manga. Hanshin is about Yucy and Yudy, conjoined sisters. Yucy is gorgeous but is incapable of walking, eating and doing other basic activities by herself. Yudy is ugly, but incredibly intelligent. Though the situation of the twins is naturally impossible, dismissing the manga for... read more



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