Hanma Baki

Vol: 37; Ch: 312
2006 - 2012
4.26 out of 5 from 279 votes
Rank #2,276
Hanma Baki

The sequel to the Baki series, it is supposed to concentrate around the conflict of Baki vs. his father.

Source: MU

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I mean what can I say it is a continuation of the original but it takes place 4-5 years after the original(in manga time line) so low on new characters(not many) and the same story, "imma kill my dad," boring. C(Copy)+P(Paste). C+P: "I really do like this manga it is one of the many I would recommend to old and new alike. But the one main thing that nags at me the entire time I was reading it is that Baki is an arrogant asshole," still an asshole but now he is older and shows some strength. C+P: "Again my reader has a very weird arrangement of the manga which i'm gonna assume was the original way it was published." This just like the original it is super engrossing and I didn't want to stop reading it I know my first major statement said boring it's the premise that's boring not the actually story. ~SPOILERS~ ~4 years later Baki is still doing Baki things, he's getting stronger and fighting mind enemies(like shadow boxing but they can be anything) which we find out is a Hanma specialty. He fights bullies a kid. Keeps practicing to fight his dad and then he fights some dude named Pickle, who's a fucking caveman, wtf. The he tells Colonel Scar he wants to eat a meal with his dad which he does, flirts with his crush, sorta. The he fights his dad now it get boring it's a regular beat down here nothing special except more mind things and grandpa Hanma ghosts into the fight and doesn't do anything and Baki wins but says he loses. He dad gave him the title for messing with his mind during another meal but the Hanma mind games meal, and Yujiro flips out after Baki flips a non-existent table with the food on it. Stupid. Worth 1 read.

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