Hanayome no Kaze

Vol: 2; Ch: 10
2010 - 2012
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Hanayome no Kaze

Fuuka and Kouki have been childhood friends since they were little, which leads to others mistaking them as a couple as they are now in high school. At their high school, from the many assorted clubs, exists the Bride’s club, where female students follow the instructions of the club president, Fuyusaki. When Fuyusaki finds out about the great knife skill Fuuka harbors, she challenges Fuuka with the pride of being the Bride’s club president at hand. Even though her knife skills are defeated by the Bridal Kitchen skills of Fuyusaki, after some encouragement from Kouki, Fuuka returns to the Bride’s club to enter the club and aim for the title “Bride of Brides”! Will Fuuka’s knife skills and determination lead her to be the nation’s best bride?!

Source: MU

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