Hana wo Meshimase

Alt title: Please Buy a Flower

Vol: 1; Ch: 4
3.903 out of 5 from 322 votes
Rank #7,335
Hana wo Meshimase

After Shion's mother passed away, she was left with her father who loves to gamble and evade his responsibilities as a father. Due to that continuous pattern, Shion moves in to live as a live-in employee with 25-years-old florist Shun Mamyuuda. As she begins to learn the value of flowers and life, will she also find her place in love?

Source: MU

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What a beautiful story! The summary does a good job at giving some insight into the plot. The manga is rather short with only 4 chapters but a very touching one nonetheless. I found myself feeling like school girl in love all over again by the end of it.  This is a short-concise and spoiler-free review. Story There is nothing particularly original about the plot but the story itself was well executed. The themes of coming of age, forgiveness, love and hope are persistent throughout the manga. The main characters have an opportunity to start anew and learn to let go of old feelings which were hunting them at present. The setting of the story takes place at a flower shop and the inclusion of flowers and their meaning was an added plus to give more insight into the story. The pace was perfect as the plot was presented from the very beginning and the situation progresses fairly quickly. My only complaint is that the story was VERY short! I loved it so much I would love to read more. Maybe some further exploration into the past, the getting to know each other in more depth at present, and perhaps even a glimpse into the future after the ending. Art I loved the art for this manga! Beautiful character design and landscapes. The colored covers were amazing. The flowers were a treat for sure. Characters I found all the main characters as very likeable. From the owner of the shop with his gentle nature to Shion’s fierce personality. I loved seeing both characters grow throughout the story and some love blossoming at the right time for the pair as well. Overall This is a great story to read for those who love romantic stories with coming of age themes. No real drama, happy ending, great progression of events.

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