Hana no Akuta

Vol: 1
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Hana no Akuta

Tsubaki, who is a police officer was conducting an undercover investigation under Kajiro, who is a young head of Soga group to bring Shindou group to its destruction. But one day, Kajiro finds out that Tsubaki is an undercover investigator. But Kajiro didn’t punish Tsubaki and asked Tsubaki what he wants to do from now on. In the midst of it, Tsubaki knew that police inspector Nanba and head chief of Soga group was secretly connected in the back. He killed the two impulsively. With this, Tsubaki realizes that he has this violent instinct sleeping inside him, he decided to remain at Kajiro’s side who accepts him for who he isㅡ 

Source: MU

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