Hakushaku Reijou wa Kenen no Naka no Elite Kishi to Kyousei-teki ni Tsugai ni Saserareru

Alt title: The Count's Daughter Is Forcibly Paired to the Elite Knight She Fights With Like Cat and Dog

Vol: 2; Ch: 13
2021 - 2022
3.93 out of 5 from 57 votes
Rank #12,535
Hakushaku Reijou wa Kenen no Naka no Elite Kishi to Kyousei-teki ni Tsugai ni Saserareru

The almighty Skinia empire invaded the principality of Areeta, taking it under its dominion. The imperial educational system imposes on the children of the fallen country’s aristocracy to “pair with a partner decided by the empire and conceive a child in the spring of their 18 years old.” The count’s daughter Tiana is to be paired with Adel, the elite knight she quarrels with since forever. Their first night passed without any romanticism while the two exchanged verbal blows. Tiana thought that it would be only for one night, but Adel called for her many times after, in the name of their duty!?

Source: MU

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This is yet another fantasy romance with explicit themes. They don't sensor here but they aren't as explicit as other mangas / manhwas with steamy romance scenes. I feel like the smut scenes are a side dish but not the main course for this manga since they actually spend multiple panels outside of having s*x with each other. The plot seems quite unique at first glance. The ML and FL's country has been occupied with the reigning empire and while they're being assimilated into the empire, they have to live their life paired together according to a new law. They can only marry someone from their country (because the winning country is racist? I forgot) so they are forcibly paired with each other. The problem is, they are both in love with another person, despite being childhood friends. Somewhat spoiler-y but I need to say it here just in case you don't like this trope as well: they suffer from massive miscommunication issues. UGH. I wanted to throw this to the ground because they never discuss things when they feel them. I hate that. Instead, they make assumptions about the other person and pretend like they're some kind of martyr for shouldering the burden alone. It's so annoying I was tempted to drop this once or twice but due to the limited number of chapters, I just pushed through with it. Plot-wise, it's not very in-depth. The smut scenes and the plot are both incredibly lacking. But if you're interested in something to keep your attention long enough and is somewhat amusing, I would say this is an okay read.  Reviewed at Chapter 8.

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