Hakamori Majo Bianca

Alt title: Grave Keeper Witch Bianca

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
3.541 out of 5 from 67 votes
Rank #20,516
Hakamori Majo Bianca

Bianca is the last remaining "ugly" witch in the Underworld. Will she muster the courage and self-confidence to find love?

Source: MU

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Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers- I quite often rage about incomplete manga or anime but seriously 'Hakamori Majo Bianca'wins the prize for he manga that had an interesting premise but it falls flat on it's face that the last hurdle which I will entend on in this review. First the premise of the manga is interesting following the story of the last 'ugly' witch who is a gravekeeper and is associated with the death side of being a witch, but as you can guess Bianca doesn't fit in and so we have our plot. STORY Now we have an interesting idea but can this story execute this idea well, at the start it does however as we get into the 'true' plot of the story it loses it's charm and rushed it's 'ending' to get the story 'done'. This so called ending actually made me want to rage at it, like seriously you can't do a massive build up and then leave that end chapter like that it makes no sense. This here was my main problem and as you can most likely guess as this is quite a short manga, the build up to the climax takes up majority of the series and this let the story down majorly. ART The art is a bit of fun and really does fit the comedic elements within the manga, it also helps to see the contrast between all the other characters to Bianca. I think the artstyle does look a bit rough but all that adds to the unique nature of the manga, but then this could also be it's downfall if it wasn't intended to be like this. The character designs overall were quite nice and all helped to display the character personalities and so on. The pure emotions we see in some of these characters were quite amusing as well, which is why I gave it a 7/10 for art but it really was the story that brought it down. CHARACTERS The characters themselves were quite interesting but that's all they have got going for them as they have close to no character development, but who expects that in a short manga (well I kind of do). I just feel that quite a few of the interesting character got pushed to the side, such as Nelo, due to this so-called plot that was supposed to be happening. As it is a short manga I wouldn't expect major development but still, Nelo was a cool character... My only advice is that if you are planning to take this manga on, prepare for an inconclusive manga that will make you rage so much. -AngelBeatsYui- PS: This review is for the DMMC November 2016


Every chapter starts with a re-introduction: In the era of cutesy things, Bianca is the only witch with an evil aura; fe spends feir nights guarding the most famous graveyard in the underworld, protecting the residual magical energy. The story alternates between the academy, where Bianca interacts with feir friend Nelo and the heartthrob Zela, and the graveyard, where fe has conversations with the deceased Girrick. There doesn't seem to be much character development--Bianca starts out as a blushy, lip-quivery, unconfident, self-hating girl and that's where fe ends as well. I don't really understand why Zela falls for fem, which makes the whole love triangle thing feel contrived. The art, and the eyes especially, just seems sloppy. The stitches on feir mouth were a cool idea, but they don't properly contort its shape, so it doesn't even feel like they're there most of the time. And considering how this graveyard seems pretty central to the plot, there are a lot more questions about the worldbuilding than there probably should be. If this is a famous, hundreds-of-years old graveyard, how is its location such a well-kept secret? Who guards it during the day while Bianca is at the academy? When does Bianca sleep? Are the bags under feir eyes meant to indicate that fe never sleeps? If so, wouldn't it be better to have two or three people taking shifts? Who guarded the graveyard before Bianca took that responsibility and how will feir successor be chosen? How was fe chosen? Do any of the other spirits talk or is it just Girrick? What's the resurrection process and why doesn't Girrick just do it immediately upon deciding to do it? How long does it take for the magical energy of the deceased to dissipate and why is it something worth protecting?

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