Vol: 5; Ch: 32
2010 - 2014
4.086 out of 5 from 292 votes
Rank #3,829

Ashihara Himari hates men. Or rather, she doesn't understand them. In order to alleviate this problem, her friends decide that she should confess to someone. But what if that someone unexpectedly agrees...?

Source: MU

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Overall, this story is about how MC test her courage to guys which what she hated them before by confessed to random high school boy. What her expect that she might rejected because yeah, obviously a person we does not know suddenly confess to us, it just like pranks or jokes to us, but this guy accepted the confession. And then, the story begin😏 Story  I really like the story how her feeling developed by the what the guy done to her. It really nice to see Himari (MC) to adapt her fear to guy especially to Kai. He is really nice guy treat her like that until make her fear gone. Although I kinda sad because the ending is not what hope for but the story line just fine. Art I really like the art. Himari is so cute. It's really my type, cute little petite old girl, (except for her hair, I prefer short and straight hair). I always imagine if I hug her, it'll be best moment in my life, ☺️. I also like other character design make me fine to see it. Like other manga, most of guys characters I hate it art because it too manly, I don't know what to say but I kinda hate it. But this manga the art for male characters just fine. Character  I like almost all characters in this manga. For example Kai, I like how he treat Himari even though it is his first treat as girlfriend. I like both of their friends, Kai's and Himari's teach them how to be great couple. P/S (Spoiler)  I really want to know what happen between H___ and Y__. Does they together. Why this manga just end like that😭

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