Haime to Zoukihime

Vol: 4; Ch: 43
2018 - 2019
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Haime to Zoukihime

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Synopsis: Boy meets a girl. In a postapocalyptic future young boy Haime with a mysterious girl BB travels devastated earth ravaged not only by virus deadly to all men, but also by an evil organization harvesting human organs. Can Haime reach his destination? Can BB find her place in the world? Review: When I’ve picked this manga, I didn’t know what is it about, but as I was reading it. I had at moments strange familiar feelings, because it reminds me of other series. The settings feel very close to Hokuto no Ken aka Fist of the North Star series especially the element of people being at the mercy of powerful, but also overall brutality and in the way the story begins. Concept of the main antagonists with clear hierarchy and outlandish design, personalities and powers remind me of Tengen toppa gurren lagann and Kill La Kill series [1]. However, the story is way more tragic and disappointingly short. It has only four volumes, but if you are looking for a short series this might be a good thing. Artwork is ok. It isn’t great, there are much better-looking manga series no doubt about that, but it is still enjoyable. The action scenes are pretty violent people losing limbs, being split in half, etc. Bear that in mind if you going to pick up this series. Japanese difficulty 6/10 (see my profile for details about various difficulty scores) Furigana: Y/N I would say the difficulty is bit above average in terms of furigana not being applied on everything despite the series being shounen. Furigana is used on names and some more difficult words/kanji. It contains decent amount of medical/body terminology. Overall, the beginning was great, but the end felt like bit premature and rushed despite it made sense given constraints the story imposed on itself [2]. It was disappointing given some ideas were interesting, but the story kind of ended before it took off. Spoilers [1] The similarities are even more prominent with the resistance organization Mongoose. [2] I’m talking about how long Haime were supposed to last before his death.

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