Haikei, Hannibal

Alt title: Dear Sir Hannibal

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Haikei, Hannibal

Kibayashi Rento is a 'personification' of a supernatural being descended from a family of Ents (tree-oak people). One day his arm got torn off trying to save a cat from a tree. While he's looking for the arm, he crosses a girl, Kurashina Saya, who finds his lost arm. Saya is Rento's crush, and actually a fellow 'personification' descended from a family of Ghouls, whose main characteristic is appetite for humanoid meat. Can romance blossom between the two supernatural beings? Slight discomfort advised. Don't worry though because he's a plant, so he can regenerate his lost body parts easily, including that aforementioned arm.

Source: MU

Extra chapter from Dokyuu Hentai HxEros volume 3.

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