Vol: 5; Ch: 26
2006 - 2009
3.782 out of 5 from 337 votes
Rank #13,010

Players of "The World", a MMORPG, are being infected with a mysterious virus known as AIDA which causes them to kill people in the game - but puts them in comas in real life too! The G.U., a group of special players known as "Epitaph Users" aim to eradicate The World of Aida by Data Draining the infected and are the only ones who can do so. Haseo is hunting down one such AIDA, Tri-Edge, after finding out he was responsible for putting his friend in a coma. After finally tracking him down he is brutally killed by Tri-Edge, resetting his level back to 1; though his character data is saved by the G.U., keeping him from slipping into a coma in real life. Now, with his stats back to nothing, Haseo must train hard to unlock his Epitaph powers and get his revenge on Tri-Edge.

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