Gwanghae's Lover

Alt title: Gwanghaeui Yeonin

Ch: 7+
2020 - ?
4.602 out of 5 from 18 votes
Rank #29
Gwanghae's Lover

There is a girl named Kyungmin with a special talent of time traveling in the Republic of Korea in 2020. One day, Kyungmin meets the 18-year-old Prince Gwanghae, who came to the present from the Joseon era. Although it was only for a single day, the two of them leave each other with unforgettable memories. After returning to Joseon, Prince Gwanghae is unable to forget Kyungmin for a long time and waits for her while dreaming of reuniting with her. And due to her father’s sudden death, Kyungmin carries out a life-threatening time-traveling journey. And there, she meets the 27-year-old Gwanghae.

Source: MU

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