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Gunslinger Girl
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Nov 2, 2021

If you think this is just an otaku self-fullfilment wish then you are very wrong. I expected it to be just girls being badasses but oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. This manga dives into dark subjects and is extremely heavy on politics, it makes you resonate with the characters, especially the relationships between the Fratellos (word used to identify the girls and their handlers). 

In the first few volumes we get to see all the badassery action our girls get into. It slowly builds up to more mature themes in later volumes. Hiding between the covers of young girls holding guns we get to see in-depth political critique and real world problems that Italy faces even till this day. I applaud to the author for doing actual research into Italian culture and politics and not just using it for cheap plotlines. The last few volumes include extensive explanation of Italy's history and culture, which I found to be very informative to read.

Art is packed with action, those of you gun enthusiast will enjoy it extensively as the manga features many firearms. 

I would say that the strongest part of this work is their characters. Wheather its the cyborgs or the handlers, each one has their own past and traumas to deal with, making them feel believable and realistic. The mix between these complex individuals is engaging to read.

[next part contains mild spoilers]

Even after being 'conditioned' and given new powerful bodies, the cyborgs aren't made to be invicible outright and have to train apropiately to fight. The drug used in the conditioning process and whenever the cyborg gets hurt in action has some very nasty side effects, its makes their lives shortlived and their memories fade away. Looking at this unfold feels very much like looking a dementia patient deteriorating. You can't do anything but watch it happen and its very sorrowful to see. 

This manga not only focuses on the cute girls wielding dangerous guns but also in inner human struggles. The masterful writing that takes you through a journey of hope and sadnes; the political stuggle between the left and right; the rich cultiral history of Italy, and many more that you should experience it yourself by picking this up.

9/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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