Ch: 3
1999 - 2000
2.892 out of 5 from 107 votes
Rank #23,948

Meet Eiji Bando, a deranged, hentai manga-reading psychopath with a penchant for gunning people down. As a hitman, he works for the yakuza, causing plenty of collateral damage wherever he goes. Whether he’s joking about violating his male peers or just blowing people to bits, Eiji Bando always has plenty of disturbing fun in the process!

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Edited at 18/03/2016 If you ever heard about Gunmania, it's probably because you heard about the author elsewhere: after all, this is a short manga written by Kouta Hirano, the guy who is known mainly for his works Hellsing and, more recently, Drifters. I haven't read Drifters yet, but I'm familiar with Hellsing, and his style in Hellsing seems to be the same as in Gunmania... kinda. The "story", for what it's worth, isn't a coherent plot but rather something like 3 "one shots" with the same main character: Eiji Bando, a crazy guy who calls himself a gunman because he kills people with his guns. While we're served some kind of excuse for this guy to just kill people  in the first 2 chapters (with all the gore you'd ever need - this guy wrote Hellsing after all), the 3rd chapter is just comedy. Well, not that it made me laugh though, rape-jokes get stale very fast imo. Add some very classy dialogue to the mix of gore and rape-jokes, with memorable lines like "Don't make me ass-rape you to death you homo bastard", and you know you're gonna get an instant classic. Characters aren't especially noteworthy either, since only one of them appears in more than 1 chapter and most are killed before we even learn their names. The MC looks like a prototype of Alucard, not only physical appearance but also in how he's just a crazy guy with big guns. The art had some good moments, but is mostly mediocre or just bad. Some poses will be recognised by those who know Hellsing. Overall: it looks like Mr. Hirano really wanted to draw some manga to experiment in, and so this little turd got published. I definitely recommend looking for something else, unless you're hell-bent on finishing everything that has the name "Kouta Hirano" on it.

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