Gun Princess (Light Novel)

Alt title: Juuhime (Light Novel)

Vol: 11
2004 - 2009
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Gun Princess (Light Novel)

Delve into an epic fantasy alongside Ambrosia, Cedric and Elwing as they quest for the ultimate weapon in a magical world ravaged by war! Long ago, mankind's foolishness angered the gods and they were stripped of their magical abilities. Unwilling to accept this loss, however, humans discovered a way to seal magic into bullets. They regained their powers... and the world was again plunged into an era of war and chaos. Now, amid the turmoil, a youth called Cedric, his sister Elwing and their companion Ambrosia set out on a journey to recover the "Gun Princess," a weapon powerful enough to change the destiny of the entire world.

Source: Seven Seas

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