Guang Xiang

Ch: 37
2015 - 2016
4.381 out of 5 from 247 votes
Rank #706
Guang Xiang

A story about two youthful boys--one named Yu Xiao Guang, the other named Lin Xiang--who have to deal with the problems forced upon them by reality and their families. Through their tough teenage years, how will they console each other? What will be the true nature of their friendship? And what does the future hold for them?

Source: MU

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Max11030 Jul 28, 2018
Score 10/10

Love this story! Atmosphere similar to Here U Are, light. It starts off with Yu Guang meeting Lin Xiang in class. Then seeing each other at the beginning and end of the day. With some family issues, Yu Guang then gets closer to Lin Xiang as more conflicts arise. This is more a side story even though it's completed. It's small and doesn't have a big intense plot. More like a mini clips/episodes or a children's... read more

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