Grim Reaper and Four Girlfriends

Alt title: Shinigami-sama to 4-nin no Kanojo

Vol: 3; Ch: 18
2013 - 2014
3.722 out of 5 from 368 votes
Rank #15,571
Grim Reaper and Four Girlfriends

Kaoru Minaguchi is a "no-lifer" who sucks at school, can't play sports, lacks any real talent, definitely doesn't have a girlfriend, or even a remote desire to change any of the above...until a certain grim reaper pays him a visit. Turns out, she's a reaper of "no-lifers" and if Kaoru can't find a way to become a true "real-lifer," he's as good as dead...! In an effort to stay alive and increase his odds of landing a girlfriend, Kaoru sends love letters to four different girls in school...only for all of them to say yes! But if anyone finds out about his four-timing, he'll be back to being a "no-lifer" and, worse yet, back to imminent death! Forget romantic comedies--this one's a thriller!!

Source: Yen Press

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The series is about a No-lifer boy who meets 1 of the grim reapers. A middle schooler looking girl (because Japan), who intends to take his soul since he's a no lifer there will be no one missing him. Even though he has parents and since no depraved backstory was shown I'm gonna presume they are decent parents. So to convince the grim reaper to not take his life he tells her that he is going to be a lifer as he intended to confess to a girl. The Grim Reaper backs off but says she'll give him 1 day to change his life around. So the male lead confesses to the girl of his supposed dreams and to his surprise she says yes. All Four of them. In his hasty attempt to save his own skin he left a love letter to 4 girls but all of them have said yes. Now he needs to keep there relationship a secret and he can't break up with one of them as undoubtedly rumors would spread reaching the girls he is currently dating. Now he needs to keep this up for 3 months (The time limit the Grim Reaper has set) but what is 1 guy who hasn't had a single friend much less a girlfriend supposed to do. The series is surprisingly fine despite the relative serious tone and demeanor. The idea is that he could die at any time but there is a lot of great meme material to be had here. Mostly because anytime more than 1 girl shows up he pisses his pants and needs to deal with this situation. Which was very funny to see. The comedy was actually one of the stronger points in the series. It wasn't excessive but there was still quite a lot of it without it feeling the author had no way of dealing with serious issues so he just threw a bunch of jokes (which usually works for some reason). The manga felt well paced in that regard. All the characters were incredibly wacky in there own fun regard. One's Horny, one's sadistic, one's a tsundere, the other is a yandere. They all have these ridiculous stereotypes while also being funny. The yandere especially was both terrifying and adorable. Which i guess fulfills the category Yandere. The male lead was also quite enjoyable to watch. Mostly to see how to get out of these insane situations. Part of the fun was the fact that he was a big shoujo lover yet become a harem character. He became the thing he swore to destroy. His self depreciation jokes and personality were spot-on and I liked that part about it. Another thing the series did well was the actual romance part about. It did step forward in the romantic element. Don't get me wrong he is a scumbag (though with understandable reasons) but at least the author actually took that step. Its quite sad this series was axed. The ending is really bad. Overly rushed as it were. It took a lot of the right steps and it looked it was gonna become something special. Yet it just kinda ends and feels bland. I didn't like how they resolved everything. Mostly because they don't explain jack-shit. Though the first twist was good. TLDR: Steps in the right direction but the quick axe leaves a lot to be desired. 6/10

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