Greatest Boss System

Alt title: Peerless Conqueror System

Ch: 212+
2019 - ?
3.433 out of 5 from 206 votes
Rank #23,598
Greatest Boss System

Who is he? Why is he called the Boss? Maybe he’s the fearless ruler of the world. Or maybe the worst enemy of humanity, who tears worlds down. After Su Sin was reborn, he lost all his skills and abilities from former life in a knights’ world. However, a newly implanted System can help him restore them. “My name is Su Sin where Sin means Promise keeper”.

Source: MU

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I like it. This is different than what we usually get in cultivation manhua. First of all the MC is absolutely unforgiving towards his enemies so you'll always feel that closure when he kills them. He doesn't forgive nor forget. He's smart and cunning to the core and make use of ingenious strategies to attain his goal. Also unlike other manhua MCs, he has a clear goal and we know where he's going. Second of all there are no annoying female characters. This is important because it's a recurrent trope in these stories to have a girl pester the MC or force him to do something. And usually these MCs are idiots who blush while getting slapped or ordered, so annoying. Thirdly, the world building and the setting of the world in general is done well. You won't get bored reading this. There are no annoying bullying young masters of some family shouting "you dare ! or Courting death !" (although there are some others who do in this hahaha you know it's a must) It's like a mini RTS game focused on the management. Just imagine it's the mafia but in a cultivation world, that's basically it. The mc has to manage territories, kill and protect as well as expand and also climb the ladder of the organization. I don't think we get that in any other manhua. They usually fight in a sect or go in an adventure around the world. I really like this manhua because it's actually interesting. But I can't help to imagine how amazing it would have been without some generic tropes and a top notch artwork. Alas, such is the destiny chosen by the heavens.

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