Gravitation: Voice of Temptation (Light Novel)

Alt title: Gravitation BLUE (Light Novel)

Vol: 1; Ch: 4
3.621 out of 5 from 43 votes
Rank #22,301
Gravitation: Voice of Temptation (Light Novel)

Bad Luck's lead singer Shuichi Shindo is a nervous wreck as he prepares for his first national tour- and his first lengthy seperation from his boyfriend Eiri Yuki, the famous romance novelist. Unable to bear the strain, Shuichi slips away between concerts to spend some quality time with his lover. But when he gets home, a mysterious note says Yuki has been stolen away! Has the older man been kidnapped? Does this have anything to do with that stalker Lolita from the train?

Source: Tokyopop

Re-released in Japan in 2007 as Gravitation BLUE. 

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