Gravitation: The Novel (Light Novel)

Alt title: Gravitation RED (Light Novel)

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.574 out of 5 from 44 votes
Rank #24,671
Gravitation: The Novel (Light Novel)

Energetic teenager Shuichi Shindo is the lead singer and songwriter for the smash-hit pop band, Bad Luck. During a break on his premiere tour, Shuichi comes home to see his boyfriend, Eiri Yuki, the famous romance novelist. He finds the apartment empty and the only thing waiting for him is a mysterious, alarming note. Has something horrible happened to his lover? Does it have any connection to that gorgeous lady who's been stalking the writer for the past few weeks?

Source: Tokyopop

Re-released in Japan in 2007 as Gravitation RED. 

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