Gravitation EX

Alt title: Gravitation EX.

Vol: 2; Ch: 25
2004 - 2011
3.376 out of 5 from 166 votes
Rank #11,110
Gravitation EX

In order to heal the wounds in his heart, Eiri Yuki and his vocalist lover, Shuichi, travel to New York to visit the grave of Yuki's first love and tormentor, Yuki Kitagawa. But once there, they make a startling discovery that will change their lives... forever!

Source: Tokyopop

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animefinder Jun 3, 2010
Score 6/10

Here's my review on the sequel of the original comical manga Gravitation, Gravitation Extra/Genzo. *sighs*   Story: It is the continuation of the first Gravi, but it seems to focus more on the relationships of Yuki and Shuichi, instead of both the band side and romance aspect, which is fine I suppose but it doesn't make much sense. *spoilers* Ryuichi loves Shuichi? WTF? He seems to... read more

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