Vol: 12; Ch: 54
1996 - 2002
3.671 out of 5 from 1,006 votes
Rank #6,736

Shuichi Shindou’s only interest is music, and as one half of the high school rock band ‘Bad Luck’ he plans to take the music world by storm! However, following a chance encounter with a strange man who informs him that his lyrics are terrible, Shuichi begins to wonder if he’s really as talented as he thinks. Intent on tracking down this mystery man, Shuichi soon discovers that his critic is none other than Eiri Yuki – a highly talented and famous writer. While Eiri seems to have little more than disdain for the hapless rock star wannabe, Shuichi soon finds himself falling for the handsome author. Though with Eiri’s abrupt manner, and Shuichi not even knowing the first thing about him, it will be a bumpy path to happiness. As he attempts to make it big in the world of music, will Shuichi be able to learn more about the man he’s fallen for and gain his love in return? 

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animefinder's avatar
animefinder May 2, 2010
Score 9/10

Here's My review of the classical Shonen-ai GravitationSTORY:    An 18 year-old high school student, named Shuichi Shindo wants to become a great rock star in Japan with his best friend, Hiro Nakano. One day, when Shuichi had to make lyrics for a love song, his lyrics got grabbed in the wind and landed into the cold and handsome romance novelist, Eiri Yuki's, hand. Yuki looks at his lyrics... read more

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Toraneko Sep 12, 2015
Score 2/10

Despite all the recommendations, I just don't care much for this book/series. Friends think I'm mad for not loving it, but quite frankly, it's another story about homosexuality for the sake of homosexuality, with the backdrop of a music industry.

First time I read it, I couldn't understand why someone would be attracted to a complete stuck up and it never got any better each time I tried to return to... read more

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