Vol: 12; Ch: 54
1996 - 2002
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Shuichi Shindou’s only interest is music, and as one half of the high school rock band ‘Bad Luck’ he plans to take the music world by storm! However, following a chance encounter with a strange man who informs him that his lyrics are terrible, Shuichi begins to wonder if he’s really as talented as he thinks. Intent on tracking down this mystery man, Shuichi soon discovers that his critic is none other than Eiri Yuki – a highly talented and famous writer. While Eiri seems to have little more than disdain for the hapless rock star wannabe, Shuichi soon finds himself falling for the handsome author. Though with Eiri’s abrupt manner, and Shuichi not even knowing the first thing about him, it will be a bumpy path to happiness. As he attempts to make it big in the world of music, will Shuichi be able to learn more about the man he’s fallen for and gain his love in return? 

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Alright, this is going to read like a headache, so I'm going to give you a fair warning on it before I start. Gravitation... Really does not live to the hype. I've read lots of BL manga over the years, and have watched my fair share of BL anime as well. I have tastes of what I like and gripes about others I don't. However, I consider myself pretty open minded and tolerable when I pick up something new. Especially if I've heard lots of good things about it. This reads like a stroke. This is most likely just translation errors and myself not understanding what exactly is going on a good portion of the time, but it reads like a stroke. I'm reading this all in English by the way as a native English speaker. Although I really do love the art from the 90s and early 00's, I really do not miss the writing from that time. It's not just BL stories that suffer from it, but there seems to be a majority of BL from that time that is written like a nightmare. I can't really explain it. The characters... God... Some of them are pretty one dimensional. I was reading this today and I still can't tell you most of their names. The only two characters that seem to have some of their sense is the Producer and Hiro, and that's really setting the bar low. My biggest gripe is about Eiri Yuki, and... Oh I forgot the main character's name. Uh, Shuichi. Don't get me wrong, I think like Shuichi sometimes, I'm not going to say I have all my brain cells together, but... Wow. I'm 7 volumes in. Seven. Volumes. And you still cannot make me believe the relationship between these two is realistic, capable, and healthy in any sense of the word. I understand that Eiri has PTSD and a bad past, believe me, I do... But there is no reason for him to treat Shuichi the way he does. I sat and tried to rationalize it, coming from someone who does have PTSD, among other things. Maybe he just had bad coping mechanisms? Maybe he has other illness? Maybe he really does have a kind heart, but just a hard exteiror... Not really. Any good points that Shuichi brings up, is no where near enough to cover up all the bad parts of him.  Not to say Shuichi is any better, but he's more like a helpless kicked dog than anything else. He chases after Eiri, I'm not sure why, but he does. Maybe Eiri isn't my taste, but the amount of times Shuichi chases him is... Exhausting. Eiri just drops him like a fly and runs away, but then comes back and still treats Shuichi more like a sex friend than a real partner. I have Borderline. I drop people and run back to them over the smallest bits of paranoia, but I was finding this so exhausting to the point where I could no longer sympathize with the characters. I couldn't figure out why go back to someone who dismisses you constantly. Why chase someone like that? Once, maybe twice, I get for stories like these, but I've counted maybe 3 to 5 times where something akin to this happens.  Shuichi is probably one of the dumbest protags I've met. I love silly dumb protags, I think there is a lot of comic relief potential for them, and they make for great people you want to cheer for. Shuichi's dumbass-ness supercedes all of this and it makes you want to smack your head in the wall. When you learn a BIG SECRET about your lover, most people will sit on it and think about it, you know? Especially if it's something THAT bad. Shuichi pays it almost no mind. "Yuki is Yuki." Yeah... But you're not going to think about how you know SO LITTLE about him and when the most crucial bit of information you get from him is this... Run away, my guy! I'm not so much a fan of abuse, but I'll take it if I think the story is still really good. Sometimes people write abuse great and it shows, and sometimes people write abuse and it sucks, but the story is still good regardless. Gravitation has neither of these. While it does explain a bit more about Eiri and adds a bit of drama and suspense... It just feels like that's... It. The story is still not good with it being there or with it not being there. Maybe it was to cater to a particular type of fan, or maybe I missed the message there, but it turned me away for a bit. To sum up my crap: The pacing feels like a nightmare where I cannot figure out what is happening, the writing is not very good, the plot is sub par at best, the characters are not well drawn out and are flat, major relationship red flags (if you care about realism), and overall... It's just a boring read. There are better stories out there, BL and not, for this time era. Gravitation is overhype hot garbage that if I wasn't dedicated to finishing, I would have stopped at volume 3. But hey, at least the art is nice.


Here's My review of the classical Shonen-ai GravitationSTORY:    An 18 year-old high school student, named Shuichi Shindo wants to become a great rock star in Japan with his best friend, Hiro Nakano. One day, when Shuichi had to make lyrics for a love song, his lyrics got grabbed in the wind and landed into the cold and handsome romance novelist, Eiri Yuki's, hand. Yuki looks at his lyrics and disses it for being poorly written. Even though Shuichi didn't like Yuki, He believed that he fell in love with Yuki at first sight. And just doesn't know why but wants to be with Yuki. And does what ever it takes to be with him, even though Yuki doesn't quite understand it. Yuki has the same feelings for Shuichi too, but due to his problems, has extreme difficulty expressing it. This series is about part Shuichi's band life and part of his relationship with Yuki. This series is full of insane comedy like slapstick and sexual innuendo and also full of great drama in it too.    Anyway, I like how the this series have actually two stories and they balance out. Like how I wrote above, one is Shuichi's band story and the other is the romance factor between he and Eiri.  The romance is quite interesting, I've never seen such a romance like this before. First of all, this couple isn't all sugary and sweet. *Unlike a lot of romances I've seen in anime/manga.* There's a crap load of fighting and conflict in the relationship because the characters have their own issues, *especially Eiri*, also a lot of couples fight all the time anyways. To be honest, this series wouldn't be as funny if they didn't fight, it would be just boring. But there are a lot of sweet moments in there too. Now the band side of the story is quite entertaining and insanely hilarious and there are some unexpected turns taken in it, even if it has a basic premise of becoming an awesome rock star. ART:   The art in this series starts off  as a little bit sketchy and old school. * Cuz this series is like 14 years old* But as the story progresses, the art becomes less and less sketchy and the style changes. But what's annoying, every couple volumes it changes. But the art is overall pretty nice.I think that the expressions and actions Maki gives to the characters during the comedy is really, really funny. And there are some pretty awesome fight scenes in this series. CHARACTERS:      These characters aren't the most original in the world but they are very likable and hilarious *examples the crazy gun slinging manager, K, The crazy manager that has a giant Panda Bot, Reiji and the childish and split-minded, Ryuichi.*. Also a lot of the characters, not just the main ones had something to do with the story. Also there is good development with the main cast. I especially really liked the development with Yuki and his friend, Tohma. OVERALL: I majorly enjoyed Gravitation. Because of its constant LOL moments and its story. The story always wanted me to find out what's next and is barely boring. If you like pretty interesting relationships, band stories, or crack comedies, Gravi is right up your alley! You don't have to like Shonen-ai or Yaoi to enjoy this at all. :)

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