Vol: 5; Ch: 47
2017 - 2018
3.377 out of 5 from 222 votes
Rank #32,001

30,000 years ago, Akuu, the Cursed Child was born during the night of a blood moon. Said to bring calamity upon all, he attempts to fight destiny.

Source: MU

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Grashros is a prehistorical manga about a guy who wants to kill a mammoth. However, while that seems like a normal concept, the actual manga is pretty damn weird. And honestly, not the good kind of weird. Note: due to the nature of the manga, keeping this completely spoiler-free is impossible. Read at your own risk! It all starts out as a pretty normal story to show the clan of Akuu, our MC. Because he was born during the wrong night, Akuu is considered to be a cursed child who will bring calamity to the clan. And obviously, calamity does come and it takes the shape of a gigantic mammoth. After the calamity, Akuu and a couple of others go looking for others so they can join or start a clan to have some safety again. But then shit happens and suddenly our rather wimpy main character is singlehandedly killing a group of strong hunters, all while shouting the names of moves from Dragon Ball. I kid you not, we get Kamehameha, Masenko (pictured below) and some others. This is the point where shit becomes weird and you really need to try to enjoy the ride while turning off your brain. Otherwise, just drop it - it does NOT become more normal again. After the Dragon Ball-event, there's a timeskip of a couple of years. And, well, if you want to power through it, you really need to have some tolerance for prehistoric vegetarian hippies, sudden rap-battles, the Beast Titan, turtleshell bondage, pet rhinos, boners, and a number of very horny guys, one of which invented the onahole: It's like the author took all the crazy and random things in Golden Kamuy but forgot to actually build a story around it. While he was at it, he forgot to make the characters likeable as well. The worst offense regarding characters is the way Akuu is portrayed though: one moment he's more serious than Guts from Berserk, and then 10 chapters later he's more aloof than Goku in Dragon Ball. It's all so jarring that you really have to stop thinking about what's going on in this manga. As far as the artwork goes, it's good (as you can see in the above examples as well). I especially like the feel of the fight scenes, but it's pretty high quality regardless of the type of scene. Overall: While not unenjoyable, Grashros only leaves an impression due to its sheer randomness but fails to be a series I can actually recommend to a broad audience. Give it a try, but don't be afraid to drop it if the weirdness becomes too much for you.

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