Ch: 86
2015 - 2017
4.342 out of 5 from 317 votes
Rank #899

Following his mentor's death, his protege, Gang Yong, makes it his life's purpose to avenge those who wronged his mentor. His cover? A chubby dumpling delivery boy.

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PharuanUndearth's avatar
PharuanUndearth Nov 30, 2018
Score 7/10

This series is pretty good but it does tend to drag on. Reading the first part, and then reading the second part I get where the person was going when they were writing it but why would you add so many sub characters, that it drags the story on in such a bad way. It ends well what the journey to get there is impossibly boring. This one and the second half are both very short as of now 86 chapters for the first... read more

Carreau's avatar
Carreau Oct 9, 2017
Score 5.5/10

Just a heads up there is a second season for this manhwa that has started already but isn't listed on A-P. But you shouldn't read Gosu cause it's just gonna waste your time. Man after a strong start what a total crap shoot of a journey. By the end of season 1 (ch. 86) we are back to literal square one. I feel like there was zero point to season 1. Total garbage ending. read more

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