Ch: 86
2015 - 2017
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Following his mentor's death, his protege, Gang Yong, makes it his life's purpose to avenge those who wronged his mentor. His cover? A chubby dumpling delivery boy.

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Gosu is an genre about revenge, martial art and comedy. The comedy hits its marks some times, and the martial art battles are sometimes on firer. The Revenge is missing though, but i think we will see it in part 2. StoryThe story it self is unique, and i havent seen any other manga's that has an similar story line. So you know atleast its not an copy paste story like some other mangas out there. If i had to compare the manga to something i would say HxH, becouse it focuses more on the sidecharacters than the mc, and the author hit the marks perfectly when it comes to this, i feel like the sidecharacters could have had their own manga and done well. Unfortuantly though just like in HxH the Mc looks bland due to this type of writing, but in HxH they managed to make the Mc likeable/best due to his interactions with the sidecharacters and his own story at the end. Here they havent managed it yet, but hopefully they are building up to it. ArtThe art is good and its fully coloured, the fight scenes are intense and gives me some solo leveling vibes sometimes. CharactersAs i said the Sidecharacters are amasing, but too bad we havent seen alot of interactions between them and the mc. The Mc is bland but op, but in the latest arc we learn more about the mc and his struggle and we see some character developements from the mc which is an + so the author is definetly on the right track. Overall 8/10 I wish the Mc wasnt as bland. Sidenote Dont read the comment sections when you read this manga, you will find alot of hindsight harolds there, and people who are dumber than a bread. (also my bad for any misspelings or wrong grammars) 


This series is pretty good but it does tend to drag on. Reading the first part, and then reading the second part I get where the person was going when they were writing it but why would you add so many sub-characters, that it drags the story on in such a bad way. It ends well what the journey to get it is impossibly boring. This one and the second half are both very short as of now 86 chapters for the first half and as of writing this(11/29/18), there have been 59 chapters released in English so these two series are pretty even in the number of chapters they have. Don't know if the writer is going to go for one major kill per chapter he does this is going to drag out way too long and the series is going to be too boring to continue. ~SPOILERS~ Now I know there's a whole bunch of stuff that happened there are good jokes, he kills a few people not many buddies those people really probably wish they were dead. Like I said he games a whole bunch of allies but at this moment in time and it serves no purpose, and he doesn't really avenge his master even though that was his main task when he left his master buried was to avenge his master losing and getting the shit kicked out of him. I do like how it has the one-punch-man feel of an overpowered main character who just doesn't actually put any effort into his attacks but in this series, he actually has to put in some effort to beat the bag baddo. The only reason why I even say the end is good is that he actually defeats a hard character. Is the series worth reading, sigh, I have to say yes but with caution because it's not for everybody? Worth a read no more.


Here are the sections the story is split into, with the major opponents Gang Yong fights in each storyline: Danggi (ch. 1) Myo (ch. 2) Ran (ch. 3) Wang (ch. 4-7) Hong's ghost (ch. 8-10) So Hong (ch. 11-19) Dang (ch. 20-33) Do Gim (ch. 34-54) Wang Eung (ch. 55-64) Sa Cheon (ch. 65-78) Giyoung (ch. 79-86) Obviously, the early stories were largely episodic and the later ones started becoming actual story arcs. The early chapters are also much more humorous, with Yong nonchalantly dominating opponents while in the midst of delivering dumplings. These include the most intense (and hilarious) rock-paper-scissors match ever! Starting with So Hong, feir opponents actually start holding their own and the story starts leaning more into the epic fight scenes and less on the hyucks. This is also when the story starts becoming less interesting, though the true pivotal point is around chapter 33-34 when the trajectory for the rest of the story was made much more explicit and it became clear it would retain a more serious tone. That's not to say the epic fight scenes aren't epic or fights or scenes, but they can become a bit repetitive and monotonous in their grandiosity. There are a lot of giant explosions, expansive shockwaves, and large-scale destruction of the surrounding terrain. Entire buildings and mountainsides collapse. Beautifully drawn. Panned-out aerial shots of massive carnage and slaughter. Nothing is small or localized. There's a lot of dodging, deflecting, and blocking as well as energy blasts and hand movements twisting the atmosphere. They use Tron-like speed lines on the eyes to show quick head movements and blows "landing" on afterimages to indicate quick dodging. Rapid aging occurs several times, I believe as a way to show qi being depleted or something. Yong's apparent weight shifts, with fem often appearing more slim during fights and more chubby during peace time. There are actual ghosts in the story, but also the idea of people being "haunted" by the memory of someone. And the differentiation between the two is sometimes a bit vague (like with Yong and the ghost/memory of feir master).

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