Goodnight Punpun

Alt title: Oyasumi Punpun

Vol: 13; Ch: 147
2007 - 2013
4.54 out of 5 from 1,677 votes
Rank #92
Goodnight Punpun

Punpun is a relatively normal elementary school student; he goes to lessons, does his homework and gets on well with his classmates. Unfortunately, it’s everyone else around him that’s bonkers! With a crowd of crazy teachers playing hide and seek or having extreme reactions to even the tiniest situation at school, his father kept at bay on domestic violence charges, and only his unemployed layabout uncle to look up to Punpun’s life is anything but simple. However, despite the mayhem surrounding him, Punpun still continues to quietly live on, contemplating his dreams, experiencing the joy and terror of falling in love, and trying to deal with his anxieties about sex, religion, and growing up.

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Pandaman Apr 1, 2013
Score 8/10

*SPOLER ALERT* There are minor spoilers in this review. Oyasumi Punpun is a strange way of looking at a slice of life. The story (so far) follows Punpun Punyama from an elementary schooler with a weird attraction to a bullying girl through to a university student Punpun making sense of love and betrayal, all portrayed through the eyes of someone who looks like a bird. At its heart I'd say it's a manga... read more

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Alter Dec 5, 2015
Score 10/10

I don't know what should I write to here, but I can definetely can say that this manga is a masterpiece.

I has very intense and powerful story which fill you with many emotions. I can summarize Oyasumi Punpun with just "A manga which tells life of Punpun", but this explaination is very shallow to describe what Oyasumi Punpun is. There is many realistic characters in Oyasumi Punpun and it can be... read more



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