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Alt title: Binbougami ga!

Good Luck Girl!
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Aug 7, 2013

Story: I just adore this series. The comedy was spot on between the main protagonists and the side characters in relation to them and each other; how it could be so perverted without overdosing on ecchi; the sad moments that the characters reflect upon and the bright side at the end; how the characters grow and evolve as the series progresses and the characters themselves that help make up the world of Binbougami Ga.

Sometimes it's antics involving the main plot of Momiji trying to get Sakura's fortune energy, other times it's about side characters and going deeper into what made Sakura into what she is then and now. There's depth among all the comedy and relationship building when it isn't trying to go for the main plot. It's a nice blend of comedy, drama, character-building and perversion with some nice fights here and there.

But it falls into the trap where the final arc is all serious with all sorts of shit going down to really make it feel climatic. I actually enjoyed it and it didn't neglect the comedy despite the twists and drama that ensued. It was actually pretty sweet and had some crowning moments in it while slowing the pace down at parts. To help counteract that, each chapter is chunky, quite a bit of pages per chapter. Yeah, that is kinda random and needless but you know, chunky chapters. Pretty spiffy.

What I got out of it at the end of it was how much fun I had with it. The comedy was the biggest part for me while I was reading this. It had me laughing and constantly entertained while I waited for the next chapter to be released. Simply entertaining.

Art: At first I didn't like the style but to say there's a difference as it progressed is an understatement. The art changed by far for the better as faces became more rounded and the art became cleaner and more stylish, more polished. I loved the improved result and became a fan of what it turned into.

Characters: Ichiko is a make-or-break character with her bitchy attitude at the start, but she improves as a main while keeping that bitch factor that meshes well with Momiji. She's given depth and development and becomes more sympathetic. It's about her after all. Momiji is simply delightful and entertaining and all the side characters are just plain fun. They have their quirks, get a bit of development and are one of the biggest aspects of the series. Their interactions completely sell it.

Overall: I could have done this in less words but this was completely worth waiting for new chapters to be released. The comedy, drama, running gags and references, fights, perverted monk moments and the development that Ichigo recieves. It was just plain fun and well worth a read.

9/10 story
8.5/10 art
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall