Vol: 7; Ch: 24
1991 - 2002
3.82 out of 5 from 174 votes
Rank #5,697

He's small, he's scaly, he's Gon! This tiny dinosaur may seem like nothing but a lazy reptile that lounges around and causes mischief, but he's also a pint-sized powerhouse filled with energy who can defend himself when the right kind of food is involved. Whether he's riding a lion like a horse, stealing fish from the mouth of a giant shark or playing house with a group of penguins, Gon manages to get into trouble on every adventure he takes.

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nathandouglasdavis Apr 8, 2019
Score 8/10

This story starts out following Gon by himself, showing how he's the ultimate apex predator, capable of dominating all other apex predators of various biomes. He is an excellently charismatic character--drawing the reader to his side, making me believe in him. My mind fully knows that if Gon was pitted against any of the most powerful characters from other manga, he should lose. There are characters who have... read more

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