Gomen Shitatte Yurusanai

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
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Gomen Shitatte Yurusanai

Kitajima Kentarou took university enrollment as a chance for him to move to Tokyo. Although he attended a welcoming party for freshmen with the intention to make 100 friends, he got so nervous, his countryside accent came out and left him with zero friends instead. With no one to advise him, he caved in to solicitations from tan salons, gyms and fashion stores and ended up broke. However, Kentarou's new makeover has made him popular among gays and he started making money at gay pick-up spots. One day, he was caught doing sexual favors by a young man with a beautiful hair color. This young man is none other than Yuu, the one and only person who exchanged numbers with him at the welcome party...

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