Golden Time (Ryu Hyang)

Ch: 68+
2019 - ?
4.373 out of 5 from 254 votes
Rank #1,164
Golden Time (Ryu Hyang)

Alex, the Duke Eli and Duchess Edna's eldest son, have accomplished brilliant achievements. But he doesn't want to be a frog in a well protected from dangers by his parents, thus he sets out on a journey to become a real king. While he gathers trustworthy companions, one by one, Alex begins to feel attracted to Kenny, an extroverted wandering young boy that joins the group by accident. It turns out that Kenny's real identity is Northia's Second Princess and Duke Frederick's wife. The joy of the meeting in another era, the love of the two would bring the burning fire of a great war.

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Story : Well, it's made by the maker of "Light and Shadow" so i expected so much of this manwha.. AND IT EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS. So far the story is soooo good, and the pacing are much more nicer than light and shadow (i think). And the backstory of the characters are shown right at the start, so we as the readers can feel more attached to them ^^. But tbh it kinda sucks w all the politics (even tho it's not as complicated as other political mahwas) bcs ngl i suck at remembering fictional countries :" and i keep forgetring abt them lmao. But ig it's to be expected since the ML is a soon-to-be king lol, not gonna complain too much abt it. Art : If you've read light and shadow ofc u'll be super familiar w the artstyle. And imo the artstyle is beautiful in its own way, but ofc there are vound to be some people who doesnt like artstyle like this... ofc everyone are free to think whatever they want abt the artstyle. But imo the artstyle is ok tho ^^ Characters : I think the characters here are so much better than "light and shadow" ^^. That doesn't mean i dont like the characters in the prequel, theyre soooo loveable, and even i fell in love w all the side characters lmao. And honestly i cant wait to see more loveable side characters and my beloved side characters' comebacks here :3. And now lets talk abt the MC and ML. They both are kinda similar w "light and shadow"'s cp lmao. Yes, we love stoneheaded couple, and myb the author rlly does have a knack for stoneheaded couple lolololol. The FL here is better than last FL imo, she just felt more realistic for me. And as for the ML.. well what can i say? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I can finally see my their baby grown up and he's grew wonderfully too :") im sooo proud... Should you read this? YESSS 10000% RECOMMENDED! And i recommend to read "Light and Shadow" first though, JUST SO YOU KNOW THE FEELING OF SEEING THE ML GROW UP-

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