Gold Gray

Ch: 105+
2018 - ?
4.203 out of 5 from 107 votes
Rank #4,996
Gold Gray

The last surviving omega, and the man who desperately needs him! Fifty years go, a virus sweeps through the world, wiping out all the omegas from the face of the earth. Rain, the sole surviving omega, lives his whole life hiding his identity - until he accidentally runs into Lukas. As the chairman of the facility that used to produce artificial omegas, Lukas has to produce an alpha heir in order to succeed his father's business. And while he has his mindset on winning Rain over, things don't seem to go so smoothly...

Source: Lezhin

Content Warning

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Concept: Omegas are wiped out 50 years ago by the flu pandemic and Rain the aspiring theatre lad is the sole remaining male omega left, he got into an accident and was confined & experimented on by staffs of a pharmaceutical corporation led by alpha Lukas who's pressured constantly by his dad to produce an alpha heir via mating with a lab omega. Sounds like a plot that'll largely be stripping away the omega of any rights & power, and yeah omegas here even from back when they're still in existence are treated as inferior so Rain's not so different to Lukas who's aware of these existing genders (modern day society thought they're all extinct).  Lukas: Son I know you have a rough childhood and you hate omegas because you're just projecting the hate your dad directed at you to this group even if they're merely victims to your company's experiments. Fuck u you hypocrite. His redemption will prolly be when he fell deeply in love with Rain & the moment when Rain knows that he's being used as a pregger machine from the beginning.  Rain: I admire your will to go to New York son if only you hadn't stumble into the studio that rich prick gave you you would've been on Broadway rn. I'm also surprised how you're oblivious to the fact that you're an omega for so long when you have the internet at your disposal until around after 40 chapters *ignorance pardoned*. An omega with huge aspirations yet gets reduced to a sex object when in heat, is an omega that'll be safe nowhere without the protection of fucking alphas. Just send the lad to New York to get away from this mad family.  Noel: He needs a vacation.  Joshua: Sore loser who can't stand his younger brother getting all the good things.

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