Goddess Creation System

Alt title: Goddess Making System

Ch: 180+
2017 - ?
4.245 out of 5 from 299 votes
Rank #1,496
Goddess Creation System

Xia Xi is a shut-in, and she commits suicide after a date with an online "friend" goes horribly wrong. But unexpectedly, she transmigrates into a dating game with countless handsome men to conquer. Watch as this shut-in takes on even the gods themselves!

Source: Qidian

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Jikiniji's avatar
Jikiniji Aug 1, 2018
Score 10/10

At last! This is the kind of shoujo manga/manhua that I've been looking for! The main character is not annoying and helpless! She's smart, wise and clever! It's just sad to think that she's using the feelings of the guys to achieve her goals, but nah! Who cares?! The world she's in is really unfair, because the only thing that matters is the "LOOKS!"...But I hope in the end she will truly fall in love... read more

Kakuji's avatar
Kakuji Jan 20, 2019
Score 8.5/10

I've been searching through a lot of manga to find this unrefined jewel. It's extraordinary how dull it may seem at first, but after 10-15 chapters it's catchy.  This shoujo is loveable, maybe I'm overestimating it, but this simply dullness is progressing (at a slow pace)  into something more and more entertaining. read more


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