God of Blackfield

Ch: 89
2020 - 2021
4.331 out of 5 from 1,459 votes
Rank #2,703
God of Blackfield

Leaving only black soot and dead bodies in his wake, Kang Chan, the “God of Blackfield,” struck fear into the hearts of his enemies. But one day, in the chaos of battle, his life was abruptly snuffed out. “I’ve been shot… but the bullet came from behind me!” Revived three years later, this “god” is now a wimpy high schooler with major problems—savage bullies, shady business dealings, and even girls. Revenge seemed like a straight shot, but high school is a battlefield all of its own!

Source: Tapas

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This story represents everything wrong with the current releases of knovels. It's shallow, manipulatively written, and frustrating. Let's start with the few pros PROS The Art - The art is nice CONS The Premise - The story tells us that Kang Chan was a Korean in the French Foreign Legion being a soldier in Africa (which, if you know anything about the history of France colonization in Africa, means that he would be essentially be fighting for a the neo-colonial project of protecting French interests in Africa, hooray) who was killed due to a betrayal and become reincarnated into a young man's body. For additional context, the choice of using the French Foreign Legion is a clever one, the French Foreign Legion is often used as a motif to escape your past and start anew. They are a legendary group of soldiers and perfect as a starting point for someone who needs to get a new start in life.  The premise alone isn't that terrible. That being, a soldier being reincarnated into student and getting a new chance at life. In fact, the plot point that this soldier being particularly battle hungry because of an implied past trauma and betrayal could be an interesting one. The problem is that the premise is not introspective at all about this soldier's past and immediately puts him on a pedestal morally when at best he's morally gray. He is a young, impressionable man yet the story fails to explore the emotional stunting he would experience as a young man with a traumatic youth and choice to escape into the military where, as the story shows, isn't a place to develop emotionally.  His military past is simply used as an excuse to make him a strong fighter and to push the plot forward. The Perfection of Kang Chan - Kang Chan is perfect. Not perfect in the sense that he isn't without flaw, Kang Chan is an asshole and the story wants to highlight that. The thing is that Kang Chan is perfect within the plot as in he faces zero consequences for his actions and he can do everything. In the story he Is a perfect businessman, a better businessman than his father who has been running his own company for decades Is a womanizer (this is portrayed as a positive quality) he is able to say 2 lines to a group of French Girls and they all immediately want to sleep with a highschool boy despite being in their mid 20s.  Is a good teacher. He is able to train his peers to protect themselves Is a better son. His parents suspect that something changed in their son yet seem to ignore the fact that their son become a battle hungry 30-year old soldier. Gets away with violence. Kang Chan beats the shit out of people and breaks bones and his convenient friend lets him get away with that shit.  And everything else. Kang Chan is the perfect person in every situation this story puts him in.  Thematic Confusion - The biggest problem of this story is that it's deeply confused about what it's trying to say. It attempts to contrast Kang Chan, the battle hungry soldier who wants to return to battle, with another character in a similar situation who sees his chance as a new chance at life. Despite this, Kang Chan disrespects his former comrades wishes and immediately attempts to recruit him in this path of revenge. Instead of facing consequences for his decision, his friend continues to follow him and support him throughout the current story and Kang Chan faces no consequences for this. This contrast between two lives could be an interesting one, if Kang Chan were not a perfect protagonist who faced no consequences for his actions.  CONCLUSION To sum up the problems with this story is that it is entirely driven by the main character in the least interesting way possible. He's perfect without any introspection and we're expected to just accept that fact. Kang Chan is not someone to look up to in any way the way we might look up to, say, Superman who is perfect yet represents something better in all of us. Kang Chan is essentially a manchild who gets to get away with doing manchild shit because he's the main character.  Hard Pass. at least it's pretty. 

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