Go Houbi Chikubi

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
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Go Houbi Chikubi

Akagi, a member of the photography club with a muscle fetish meets an upperclassman, Suga who is in the track and field club, and has Akagi's ideal body. However, when he asks Suga to model for him, he is refused because Suga has a complex about his nipples...

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Since the synopsis doesn't give you a full swing of what's going on, I'll help you out. Akagi is a member of the photography club and, God bless the love at first sight, he falls in love with Suga, member of the track and field school club, and his "beautiful abs". Akagi cannot let those juicy abs go wasted, so he tries to convince Suga to pose as a model. The answer is a flat no: Suga is ashamed of his nipples that are "sinked-in", what is apparently called a nipples retraction. Interesting uh? So how does this story go full-yaoi? Akagi has a brilliant idea: he's going to suck the hell out of those nipples to make them "normal". Have fun. Plus/minus considerations: STORY: I'm really confused here. I think this manga is weird as hell, but it actually made me laugh out loud. How is literally sucking out nipples a good training to fix nipples retraction? The premise is hilarious enough to carry over the idea of absurd manga and there's the usual dose of fanservice for BL lovers. First two chapters are memorable #FreeTheNipples (+) ART: staring at those malformed nipples made my read and my whole day really awkward. But as the yin and the yang, karma etc. where there's evil, there's also some good. Staring at those pink keyholes I almost felt a connection, something valuable like an astronomical discovery of a black hole, but at the same time the shape of them tried to hypnotize me and turn me into a different human being, a transcendent individual. People recorded themselves watching paint dry for 24h, I feel like I could stare at that concave teat for hours too and experience something different each time. (++) CHARACTERS: thank you. Thank you Akagi for having the dumbest but most hilarious idea ever. Suck them. Suck them all, big boy. I'm proud of you. You should leave the photography club and become a medic right fucking now. Nothing else to say. (++) Enjoy the nipples, they deserve some respect and appreciation. Absolutely recommended for the lols.

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