Glass Mask

Alt title: Glass no Kamen

Vol: 49
1975 - 2012
4.148 out of 5 from 286 votes
Rank #1,355
Glass Mask

Maya is obsessed with acting; she overworks herself so that she can attend plays and watch dramas, but she doesn't have the money to pursue her dreams. One day, retired actress Tsukigake encounters Maya while she is mimicking a play, word for word, that she has only seen once. Astounded by her raw talent, the actress gives Maya a scholarship to study in her acting school, for Tsukigake wants Maya to become good enough to be her successor as the Crimson Goddess. Maya has to become the best actress in Japan first, but between the competing leaders Tsukigake, who holds the rights to the Crimson Goddess; and a business man named Masumi who wants those rights, what will happen to Maya?

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