Girls und Panzer: Pravda Senki

Alt title: Girls und Panzer: Saga of Pravda

Vol: 5; Ch: 24
2018 - 2021
3.983 out of 5 from 12 votes
Rank #4,401
Girls und Panzer: Pravda Senki

The northern powerhouse, Pravda Highschool, is on course to win the 62nd national senshadou championship! The tiny tyrant Katyusha and Nonna's battle begins! 

Source: MU

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saga of pravda is one of my favorite girls und panzer mangas, it is absolutely a masterpiece. my experience reading it was absolutely amazing and i will miss the days i would daily check yoshida's twitter to see if any chapters are done/out or ak scans' page to see if they translated it yet. i had so much fun, tears, screams and nights where i couldn't sleep because of how much shocked and amazed i was at the events of certain chapters (*cough cough* chapter 20). i think it was an wonderful idea to make a manga with nonna as a protagonist and give her the attention she deserves, since all her popularity is mostly because of her appealing look. yoshida managed to show the world what her character truly is, and as a fellow nonna stan, it makes me very happy to see how he managed to make her even greater than she already is. i am a big fan of spin-off mangas that give attention to side characters and make them even more interesting than the anime main character itself, nonna and katyusha are a extremely cool duo with a gigantic protagonist potential, again, wonderful choice. not he only managed to make the two work perfectly as main characters but he made even tertiary characters super interesting and memorable. i will always praise yoshida for the amount of love and effort he put into his creation all by himself in 4 years, this manga made me truly a fan of his art and work. however, nothing is perfect, and in all of those positive points i think saga of pravda has a lot of flaws too. the biggest one in my opinion is the detachment from the main characters and lost opportunities. in other words, why did you make a whole thriller about klara just to show her in full time in one single chapter to never be spoken about again with still points and things to be clarified? why did we have to read more than 10 pages of miho and her mommy issues while you could simply tell where the heck the blondie went? miho has a whole anime about her and it would be perfectly fine to simply exclude her from the last chapter, since even though klara is not a main character in this manga, she is one of pravda's main girls after all, and very important to nonna's backstory, since she is her mentor's daughter, katyusha's second mom and basically changed nonna's life in chapter 20. also, WHAT DO YOU MEAN NONNA WAS A SOLDIER??? WHY DID YOU NEVER SPEAK ABOUT THAT AND ONLY MAKE A BRIEF MENTION ABOUT IT IN AN EXTRA????? IT IS SO FREAKING COOL AND INTERESTING😭😭 also, i will never forgive him for what he did to earl grey. he ruined what she could have been, turning her into a comic relief sexual harasser. seriously, dude?  but anyways, despite all of that, i really recommend reading saga of pravda. i will always love everything abour it with the bottom of my heart. and i am excitedly awaiting for a spin-off with all of the answers about what yoshida didn't expand about the ground forces and klara, with herself as a protagonist. but that's just me saying, who knows. :)

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