Girls und Panzer: Little Army

Vol: 2; Ch: 8
2012 - 2013
3.749 out of 5 from 92 votes
Rank #14,941
Girls und Panzer: Little Army

Nishizumi Miho has always had a hard time finding friends. As a daughter of the famous Nishizumi school of Tankery—the feminine art of tank strategy and mastery—Miho has been around tanks her whole life. As she begins her first day at Ooarai Girls' Academy. a school with no Tankery program, Miho looks back to when she was in elementary school, when tankery brought friendship and happiness to her. However, while Miho and her three friends share a love of tanks, their personality clashes threaten the team as a whole. Can friendships forged in steel be strong enough to endure the shrapnel of real life?

Source: Seven Seas

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