Girls' Last Tour

Alt title: Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Vol: 6; Ch: 47
2014 - 2018
4.29 out of 5 from 615 votes
Rank #361
Girls' Last Tour

Two young girls travel through a desolate landscape in search of food, water, and fuel for their precious Kettenkrad motorbike. Although the world they wander through is a lonely one, Chito and Yuuri find happiness in the little things they encounter on their journey: a forgotten supply of military rations, a hot bath thanks to a leaky pipe in an abandoned power plant, or the discovery of a lone autonomous robot protectively guarding a solitary fish. Even if human civilization is dead, these two can always find something to live for.

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This manga series is probably the best manga I have ever read. All though that might make my review a little biast. Starting with the story, It's your basic apocalyptic aftermath of war story. Very basic but you don't see series as well crafted as Girl's Last Tour's, Story kinda derails from that basic apocalyptic war story. Instead of seeing just the terrors of the war aftermath. There is also (Four humans left alive) according to what we've seen. So we see the two other peoples goals. Kinda ditching the apocalyptic feel at some points. Probably the best apocalyptic manga/anime, I have seen so far. I enjoyed how Tsukumizu kinda drifted away from the scarieness of war aftermath. And made it fun and enjoyable. Other than that I have nothing else to say about the story.Now the art, When reading Girl's Last Tour I noticed how clean yet cartoony the drawings looked. Although that's not a great description it looks rather great in my opinion. The drawings have great detail when they need to cluttering the page with a eye luring greatness of drawings. I just really like the cartoony yet clean look Girl's Last Tour's drawings are. That's obviously my opinion so take that with a grain of salt.Onto the characters, The two main characters Chito and Yuu as there called. Are a pair of energetic kids essentially. Since they were forced to leave their home at a young age because of war they didn't learn much. Yuu doesn't even have the ability to read. While Chito loves reading. So they have given character traits/quirks if you would call them that. Which would be the base for a good character. But as they move up platforms they meet two people teaching them things along the way and we discover some interesting things about the new secondary character we meet even if it's only for a chapter or a few, We learn about them and almost think of them as one of the main charatcers to the story. Essentially you can get attached to the characters and feel for them. Which I think already says you've already made good characters. There's also quite the character development with the Chito and Yuu. They express what they feel more and more through out the story and such. That's pretty much all I have to say without giving spoilers. I did try to not include spoilers as I want the people reading this too check out the manga for themselves! Also this is my first review so it might be relatively bad. Sorry.


What do you do when you’re most likely the last two human beings in a world that’s already ended? You keep moving, of course. Girls' Last Tour is a survival story where there are no final destination. As they drive their old Kettenkrad to scavenge for supplies then talk about whatever comes to mind, from questioning their very existence or on why people wage wars to whose turn is it to do the laundry. The world of Girls' Last Tour is haunting yet serene, it's background art is magnificent and filled with raw detail, truly bringing the desolate wasteland that is their home to life. There's so many small joys to be found within their world like learning all about it's past history, technology, culture, as well as the potential reasons for their world to exist as it does. Tsukumizu's unique art style, squishy character designs, and memorable characters really blended well with it's poignant philosophy that hits all the right spots, especially if you're a reflective kind of person. Chi and Yuu's dynamic as a pair is the greatest strength of this manga. Majority of the funny moments comes from them having to deal with one another. The two almost feels like they are sisters, they bicker then make up a moment later, ultimately their love for one another shines through. They have such wonderful chemistry and their philosophical banter never feels unnatural. The story thrives by treating the two as a combo, with them being an interesting survival duo where one makes up for the other’s weaknesses, they pull each other through bit by bit that it’s really heartwarming to see them continually bond together as survivors-in-arms. All they had left in this world are each other's companionship and that human connection is more precious than anything. Their journey through life is a memorable one and they enjoyed it to the fullest extent without being weighed down by their regrets. All while having lost every worldly possession or the shred of hope for the future they might've had. The moral lesson they taught us here, is that the best things in life are experiences as well as connections and not the mere possession of materialistic things. If we could all live the way Chi and Yuu live, then the eventual end of our lives, the humanity, the Earth, and the universe wouldn't matter. The world around them has ended, but Chi and Yuu's lives certainly have not. It's tragic but beautiful.

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