Girl Got Game

Alt title: Power!!

Vol: 10; Ch: 44
1999 - 2002
4.022 out of 5 from 1,183 votes
Rank #3,538
Girl Got Game

Kyo Aizawa, an ordinary girl, is excited to learn that she has been accepted to Seisyu Academy. However, her excitement is turned to mortification as she looks at her school uniform for the first time and realizes that it's a boy's uniform! It turns out that her father, an ex-basketball player, enrolled Kyo as a boy in order for her to play on Seisyu Academy's famous boys' basketball team. And as if things couldn't get worse, Kyo discovers that not only does she have to play on the boys' team, but she also has to live in the team dorms. Can Kyo keep her secret safe?

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gimmesomsophia Jul 24, 2015
Score 10/10

This manga has such a strong female character. Unlike Hana-Kimi who transferred to follow the track star- this girl came because she loved basketball. If you love sports manga, a strong female lead- READ THIS!! She is a hilarious character- it makes me want to join sports. There is dark humor in here - lots of sexual innuendo but all the while soo funny you can't put it down!! read more

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