Ginger and the Cursed Prince (Novel)

Alt titles: Agyeogi Bepuneun Mideok (Novel), Virtues of the Villainess (Novel)

Ch: 133
2017 - 2020
4.375 out of 5 from 25 votes
Rank #2,075
Ginger and the Cursed Prince (Novel)

For hopeless romantic Ginger Torte, getting engaged to the man of her dreams is a fairy tale come true. It isn’t long before she realizes the gut-wrenching truth — her fiancé has been seduced by her rival! The heartbroken Ginger finds solace in a new book that recounts the tale of a young woman and a cursed prince… But to her horror, the protagonist turns out to be none other than her beautiful nemesis, Lerazie! As reality unfolds according to the book, both ladies fall in love with the handsome prince at first sight. Ginger vows to steal both the spotlight and the prince’s heart! But, does this story harbor a sinister secret?

Source: TappyToon

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