Ginga Senki no Antique (Light Novel)

Alt title: Me, Her, and the Ballistic Weaponry [Antique] (Light Novel)

Vol: 2
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Ginga Senki no Antique (Light Novel)

One day, Tarou Ichijou awoke to a vast, strange, unfamiliar landscape. Had he been reincarnated into a different world? But to his surprise, he was inside of a spaceship… Was this a world ruled by a future galactic empire?! Even more surprising is that no one had any recollection of a planet clalled Earth, and treated his questions about it as wild delusions. After Tarou has a special ability known as a "gift" awaken in him, he forms a company alongside a salvager named Marl and begins to search for the Earth from his new hometown. So with free use of a live weapon that everyone calls an "antique", he'll overcome any obstacle that comes his way!

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