Gilgamesh (Hwan Daeng)

Alt title: Epic of Gilgamesh

Vol: 6; Ch: 127
2015 - 2018
4.318 out of 5 from 195 votes
Rank #3,260
Gilgamesh (Hwan Daeng)

Tludia was on her way to become a Knight within the Order when she was unexpectedly kicked out for breaking too many weapons and – wait for it – eating too much. But that doesn’t mean she should stand idly by when she witnesses an old man about to be attacked by a band of robbers. Luckily for her – because she was a second too late – the old man did not need saving. It’s Tludia that needs saving. Much older than his appearance suggests, Tludia rekindles a long lost memory in him, and he decides to repay her for her efforts by finding a cure for her disease (with promises of food, of course). Thus begins their journey to bring life to one, and long-awaited peace to the other.

Source: Lezhin

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