Giant Killing

Vol: 49+; Ch: 478+
2007 - ?
4.242 out of 5 from 187 votes
Rank #1,514
Giant Killing

Years ago, the East Tokyo United soccer team was a force to be reckoned with, captained by the talented and charismatic Takeshi Tatsumi. But after leaving suddenly to join an amateur team in England, ETU's record and morale quickly plummeted, their meager status kept afloat only by the efforts of new captain Murakoshi. Now, several years have passed and Takeshi is in town once more, this time to bring the team back to victory. But with fans resentful of the man's former departure, clashing personalities on the team and Takeshi's unorthodox and lackadaisical coaching style, ETU's rise to fame won't be easy...

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Kezmark Feb 20, 2012
Score 9.3/10

I don't even know where to start on this one, there are a lot of sports manga and quite a few about football (soccer for those in the US ) but its rare that I stumble upon such a gem. Went into this one with a fair amount of scepticism, from the beginning seeing how much they hyped Tatsumi it seemed like he'd just come in and win game after game with the occasional drama needed here and there, the first... read more

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Giant Killing
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